Blurb Book

As this year is coming to an end I am truly taking the time to sit and reflect on what has shaped me over the past 12 months. 


I was asked to create a book with Blurb Books, given the freedom to create what I wanted with it. I thought that an art book would be cool, but what really kept rising in my head was a photo book filled with the journey that I took on this year. 

Almost a year ago I lost my mother, and around that time lots of life changes were placed ever so gently into my path. It was as if everything I knew, and everything I had was being flipped upside down. At that time life felt messy and made no sense, but I could not have been more wrong. 

As I created the pages of this book, the worlds that I wrote to myself, the photos I took, the artwork I made, and the places I visited, it all told such a story of growth, self discovery and becoming one with my soul. 

Revisiting some of these feelings and photos that earlier this year would have been difficult, really just left me feeling elevated. Like I truly climbed a mountain, and not that I am on top now and know everything, but I have a greater view of what is before me. The things I still have yet to learn, the deeper I can go within my soul, the creativity that I have yet to tap into and the amount love I have yet to share is all before me calling my name and I am running straight for it. 

So this book was a beautiful challenge that I am so grateful to have and to get to visit what this incredibly changing year was for me. 



Have a look into how to create your own  Thank you Blurb for sponsoring this post, it has been wonderful working with you!