At Home With Nespresso


Mornings are important to me. They always have been. I am a ritual person. Setting aside specific times to be present, preparing for the day or week is very sacred to my work and life flow.


Waking up slowly, taking a shower, practicing yoga and then enjoying a warm cup of coffee are all present in my daily routine. Being my own boss means I make my own schedule, it also means that I need to prioritize and organize my days because I am responsible for all aspects of my business. I take my mornings with a side of delicious coffee. Adding in my new Nespresso Essenza Mini has brought another level of tasty coffee made so quickly.


It fits perfectly into my space and I love that I can now eliminate running out to get coffee on my way to work, and instead enjoy it at home. I am also thinking about bringing it to my shop, since I spend most of my time there anyways and an afternoon coffee is another of of my favorite rituals. :)