Meet the Maker , Kalla Mcguire of Kudd:krig Home


I stumbled across Küdd:krig Home on Instagram and immediately fell in love. The colors, materials, and modern design all made me drool. Textile heaven! Hailing from Long Beach California, each piece is hand made with ethically sourced high-end materials. The attention to detail in each piece is what drew me in initially. Each textile is unique and thoughtfully  constructed. The Landscape Blanket on my wall is one of my favorites, the abstract shapes and composition of this piece made me crave to have it hanging on my wall as an art piece.  I wanted to know bit more behind the brand, inspirations, mantras and studio practices, I am honored to share the lil interview I had with Kalla of Küdd:krig Home


Where do you draw your biggest inspiration from? 
"The first part of my creative process is generally rooted in interior design, architecture and nature.  Whether it be a space designed by Kelly Wearstler, work by a small architecture design firm or the color palette that I find myself surrounded by on a camping trip.  There really are no limits to what inspires a piece or a series of work, but these tend to draw endless inspiration for me.  I get pulled into a space or a feeling created by something and then consider how it could be translated, in terms of textiles.  By this point I’m overwhelmed with ideas and just scramble to create them."

What is your favorite studio ritual? 
"Being alone in my studio (with the exception of my 2 dogs laying at my feet), turning on whatever music feels right that day, lighting a candle or two, and just freehand painting textiles.   There’s no better day. "


What drew you into the world of textiles? 
"Initially the love of Interior Design, but more than anything, I was never excited about the options out there in the realm of pillows, blankets and bedding. I started making things I wished existed- pieces that are unisex, textural, modern and obviously cozy and delicious. " 

Who are some artists/ makers that you are inspired by right now? 
"I keep going back to a Japanese Sculptural Artist named Ryosuke Yazaki.  His work is so simple, obscure, raw but elegant.  I can’t get enough of it right now. " 

"As for makers, Cindy Zell of WKNDLA and Melissa and Jonathon of A Question of Eagles really inspired me when I found their work.  So much so that I forced them into collaborating with me.  Maybe not forced, but in any case it was very inspiring working with other artists/makers and seeing what we could come up with together."

What is your favorite piece you have made to date?
"That’s a hard one, because as you know, when making these pieces by hand, a certain level of attachment happens with each one.  I think my favorite, though is one of my Landscape Series Blankets.  It now lives in Cindy Zell’s home.  The funny thing about this piece is I’d made it almost year ago and couldn’t decide how I felt about it.  I tucked it away in my “projects” area and didn’t realize my full love of it until I came back to it months later. " 



Thank you so much Kalla for wanting to share a bit behind your business and inspirations  and for sharing your craft!