Taylor Stitch

New highlight up on Taylor Stitch today! So pumped to be a part of their Ladies Club, thanks guys!

"What better way to kick off our new feature, The Ladies Club, than with a visit to our favorite woodworker, the lovely Aleksandra Zee. The Ladies Club is dedicated to the woman who inspires our Taylor Stitch Women's line; the talented gal who clears her own path.  We'll be finding ways to catch these ladies engaged in the work they thrive on and discover how each incorporates our women's pieces into her unique wardrobe. Making clothing for accomplished gals who get down to business with grit and grace is a pleasure we want to share, so to better acquaint you these inspiring women, we have put together a list of our favorite questions."

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Rogue Habits

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"Woodworker Aleksandra Zee blends inspiration from her trips to the southwest to create striking, geometric, handcrafted works of timber art. Her work presents a dichotomy, radiating a commanding awareness while at the same time exuding a composed sense of tranquility. Intermingling organic hues and symmetrical patterns, each piece is reminiscent of the elements as a tessellation of simple, yet ever fluid components."

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Here and There


"Many know her as Aleksandra Zee, lumber extraordinaire and loyal San Franciscan patron; she’s known for her splintery, wooden works of art that have been found hanging (standing and leaning) in places like Luna Reinne Gallery, your kitchen and bedroom, and throne to all fashion aficionados of the wool-lovin’, Boho variety, Anthropologie; she’s known for her mind that which knows no boundaries – repurposing raw, beaten wood to infiltrate a very rustic, south-western air, giving way to her art and conveying a very specific message to her intended audience. Her repertoire of accomplishments and success within the art realm is boundless and has propelled her to a salient level of recognition amongst her west-coast peers."

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Interview on Refinery29

You can't turn a cheek in S.F. without stumbling upon a gorgeous reclaimed-wood something. From buzzy coffee shops to restaurants du jour, the handiwork of S.F. woodworkers is literally laid out right in front of you. Those benches you're perched on, the art you're admiring — okay, we get it — locals go gaga for this stuff! 

So, to get a peek at what's beyond the sawdust, we invited ourselves into the workspaces of nine S.F.-based craftsmen (and women!) to see what all the fuss is about. Lo and behold, we found that these tree-loving laborers are just as cool and stylish as the pieces they're pumping out…read on for what makes their "material" world go 'round.

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KQED Gallery Crawl

In January 2010, Gallery Crawl stopped by Gallery Hijinks to learn about the mission behind this new San Francisco art venue, and meet artists Martin Machado and Aleksandra Zee, two of the three artist featured in As It Was Before. Each artist in the show (which includes Todd Freeman) takes cues from his or her personal experiences with the environment, producing imagery that comments on human relationships with the natural world. Freeman makes prints of mythical landscapes and creatures in a style reminiscent of vintage storybook illustrations; Zee's installation juxtaposes natural and manipulated materials; and Machado's paintings and photographs are directly related to his day job as a merchant marine.

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Interview on Gallery Hijinks

Aleksandra Zee lives and works in San Francisco, California. Her many disciplines include installations, display design, sculpture, construction and painting. We were lucky enough to get a quick glance at her art studio and work shop. We asked her a few questions about her installation project titled “What happens when they meet?” which opens on January 8th, 2011 from 6-10pm at Gallery Hijinks.

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